Just so you’ll know, I own a $50 lightbulb and a pair of $18 socks.

What in the ABSOLUTE HELL is going on?

I get it, the light bulbs have wifi, change colors and supposedly last a lifetime. The socks… have silver in them, so they never smell, and they provide compression around the foot. They are also labeled left and right. Is this by design? Is each sock specifically constructed for each foot? Are kids just too damn stupid today? I’ll go with the latter.

Here’s the thing, if I move, these light bulbs are coming with me! If I die, they’re in the will. If for some reason this $50 lightbulb blows out… I’m filing an insurance claim. As for the socks–you know when you do laundry and the dryer happens to steal one of your socks? I’m calling the police! Somebody is going to give me my damn $18!

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